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This project will help you:

  1. Create and configurate new Rails 5 App
  2. Setup a server for a typical Rails 5 App
  3. Deploy Rails 5 App on a server

Deploy.RB Intro

Nowadays a typical Rails 5 Application depends on many external services: database, cache store, search service, cron tasks etc.

This open source project have to get developers to run a smaller Rails 5 App on a production server quickly and with minimal effort.


For who?

What can I find here?

  1. Simple Rails 5 App which uses Redis, Sidekiq, Cron, Sphinx and ActionCable. App has been cearfully configurated and prepared to deployment process. You can find and learn some helpful techniques in this simple App. Probuably it will helpful (or not) to you in your everyday work.
  2. Well tested BASH script and Manual that help you to setup your own production-like server for your Rails 5 App.
  3. Simple Deploy Tool which was written in Ruby in procedure-oriented style. This simple tool deploy Rails 5 App with similar way as Capistrano does and it can be a good start point to learn a typical Rails 5 App deployment process.